Alumni Weekend 2021

MX Celebrates First Cluster Reunion!
June 11 – 12, 2021

We are asking alumni from all graduating classes ending in a ‘0, ‘1, ‘5, or ‘6 to reserve the weekend of June 11 and 12, 2021 for our very first cluster reunion. Old Guard members (Classes of 1970 and beyond) are also invited to gather with classmates from across the years.  This cluster reunion will allow you to reconnect with more friends, classmates, teammates, and dorm neighbors that you might have otherwise. We also hope that because this reunion will take place after the students have left campus that you will have access to more on-campus spaces and will be able to move about with fewer restrictions.

As you are most likely aware, last year’s Alumni Weekend was canceled due to Covid-19. And while no one can accurately predict if the virus will still be a factor in June of 2021, we can tell you that even if we are not celebrating in person, we will still be celebrating together. What that will look like – we don’t know yet. But it will be fun, and we hope that you can attend.

If you are in one of these reunion classes, you will be hearing more from us. Whether it’s us trying to reach out to you, helping you connect with each other, or giving you reunion updates, we will be in touch.  Until then, we wish you and your family the best during these challenging times.  Our hope of course is that we will all be able to reconnect in person, on campus.