Every artistic masterpiece begins with a blank canvas, a silent instrument, a vacant stage. Similarly, every successful career in art begins with an open workspace, an inspiring environment, a teacher poised to lend support.  We are proud of our network of alumni artists who developed their talents at Middlesex before moving on to distinguished careers in their fields. These featured artists were once Middlesex students who proudly hung art on our walls, acted on our stage, and performed in our Chapel. They are just a sampling of our professional artists whose work you can enjoy in museums, theaters, and concert halls across the world.  Click on the artists’ name to learn more about them and their work.

Emily Buchanan ’85, artist

Steve Carell ’80, actor, writer, producer, director

Violet Dennsion ’07, artist

Dan Finbury ’70 , composer

Dan Giles ’09, playwright

William Hurt ’68, actor

Ryan Melia ’07, actor, musician, writer

Rachel Perry ’80, artist

Liv Rooth ’99, actress

Jessica Tuck ’81, actress

Sam Vokey ’81, artist

Stephen Wadsworth ’71, music educator