Alumni Association

Realizing the Mission

I recently completed my 8th year on the Middlesex Alumni Association (MxAA) Board and am proud of the work that we’ve done to help further the special connections that are forged at school. The mission of the MxAA is to “perpetuate close relationships among its members and to enhance their continuing relationship with the Middlesex community”. My specific role has been to help plan and organize our programs and events, which have grown considerably over the past several years and continue to attract a diverse range of our alumni base.

When I graduated from college, one of my first calls was to the Middlesex Alumni office and John Morrissey. John connected me with several Middlesex alums and I set about scheduling informational interviews. One such meeting, with a now mentor of mine, highlighted the opportunity to bring back an alumni golf tournament, which hadn’t been played in years. Having played competitive golf growing up and while at Middlesex, this idea immediately resonated and through the MxAA, we got the tournament back up and running. The tournament has now been played annually for the past 11 years and attracts a great group of alumni from across the country who come out to connect with fellow alumni and play some of New England’s finest courses including Kittansett, Myopia, Yale, Piping Rock and Concord Country Club.

Importantly, the MxAA is self-funded and does not represent any financial burden on the school. We feel that this is incredibly important as our work should be additive to the school and not create any undue budgetary pressures. Like any good entrepreneur, the MxAA was forced to find ways to generate revenue to reinvest in our programs and events. For many years, the golf tournament was the primary source of revenue through a live auction, although it was always sink or swim based on the weather, turnout and whether enough participants stuck around afterwards to bid generously on incredible items that had been donated. Thanks to Lisa Molvar and her leadership as President of the MxAA, a few years ago we hosted our first gala and immediately funded the MxAA far beyond anything that the golf tournament had generated in the past. Following the first successful gala, we voted unanimously to rename the MxAA Golf Tournament to The Kingman Cup in honor of Brad Kingman and to donate all proceeds from the event to his scholarship fund. Brad was such an incredible contributor to the school and to be able to now honor him in this way is fantastic.

With the additional funding generated from the bi-annual MxAA gala, we have developed an exciting lineup of events that alumni should consider attending. First, we have taken the opportunity to gather alumni for community service events such as Cradles to Crayons and the Komen Relay for Life to harness MX alums for the greater good. Second, we host early December holiday parties for young alumni in Boston and New York to bring alums who have recently graduated from college back together to reminisce about their Middlesex experiences and strengthen bonds as they begin their careers. Third, and possibly my favorite, are our Career Networking events in Boston and New York in early January where we assemble Middlesex alumni from a variety of industries to talk about their career path and help provide guidance to recent graduates or in many cases, college aged alumni who are still home on holiday break.

The goal of the MxAA is to foster the close relationships that are established during high school and ensure that they last a lifetime. It is equally important to ensure that alumni are connected to the school and can participate in its growth and evolution since they walked across the circle 5, 10, 15 or 50 years prior. Whether through golf, community service, holiday parties or career networking events, it is rewarding to see so many alumni engaged and continuing to grow their relationships with each other and the school.

Rob Trumbull ‘00

President, MxAA