Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply to Middlesex?
    Students have two choices when applying to Middlesex: you may apply through the Standard Application Online (SAO) or the Gateway to Prep Schools. For more information, please visit the How to Apply Page. We have no preference between the SAO and Gateway; please choose the platform that works best for you.
  • What is your application deadline? Do you accept late applications?
    The application deadline for entry in September 2025 is January 15, 2025. We do accept late applications, but please call our office at 978-371-6524 if you are applying in February or later. In most recent years, we have admitted a few students in the late spring or summer.
  • How many new students do you typically enroll each year?
    In most years we enroll approximately 110 new students: 85 ninth graders, 20 tenth graders, and 5 eleventh graders.
  • Are interviews required?
    An interview is not required. All international applicants whose primary language is not English who wish to be interviewed must first schedule a preliminary interview through Vericant. This policy does not apply to students who have attended an international school where English is the primary language of instruction for two or more years or a junior boarding school in the United States.
  • Can I schedule an informal conversation during the year or summer before the year I intend to apply?
    Yes, we do offer informal “chats” with admission officers on a limited schedule between mid-April to mid-August.
  • How important is the SSAT (or ISEE, PSAT, or SAT) in the process?
    Standardized testing is required for the 2024-25 application cycle. Testing is just one part of the academic credentials; typically a student’s grades, teacher recommendations, strength of program, and potential impact on our community are all taken under consideration to get the full picture of an applicant.
  • I don’t know my current teachers that well.  Can I submit a recommendation from a previous teacher instead?
    Middlesex requires recommendations from your current year teachers of mathematics and English and school counselor or advisor. While not required, you are welcome to ask a prior year teacher to submit a recommendation letter to [email protected].
  • Will applying for financial aid effect my chances for admission?
    It can. While 32% of our student body received financial aid in 2024, with an average grant of over $56,731, we are not able to meet the need of all deserving students. For this reason, each year a small number of students will be placed on the waiting list.  We encourage you to read more information on the financial aid process.
  • Do you give merit scholarships?
    No, all financial aid is based on our assessment of a family’s financial resources. Income and expenses, assets, family size, and the number of children attending private schools and colleges are the primary drivers of our assessment.