Audio Tours

Through January 15, 2021, we invite families to experience the layout and feel of campus first-hand from the safe and healthy distance of their cars. Although it will be quieter than usual with students away, we will be offering student-led audio tours (in English and Spanish), giving campus highlights and spots not to miss! No appointment is necessary; however, we ask that families do not exit their cars during the tour. Although our students will be learning remotely during this period, faculty and staff will be working on campus, and many families live here. For their safety, as well as your own, please remain in your cars for the duration of the tour. Those who do not comply with these regulations will be asked to leave campus. Thank you for your understanding; we look forward to sharing our beautiful campus with you!

For more information on safe travel, please review the guidelines issued by the state of Massachusetts.

For a tour in English, please click the play button ► below.

For a tour in Spanish, please click the play button ► below.