All students must study a single foreign language through Middlesex’s third-year level or continue the study of a single foreign language through the conclusion of their Class I year. Students may not satisfy this requirement by completing two years in one language and an additional year in another. Students admitted during their Class II year who have successfully completed three years of one foreign language in high school are encouraged, but not required, to continue the study of a foreign language. The School will support the efforts of native and heritage speakers to take appropriate national standardized tests. Middlesex will not allow a member of Class III or IV who enrolls with skills sufficient to take the AP test in a language to meet the School’s language requirement in that language. Students are encouraged to continue their language study through the Class I year. A student may study two foreign languages simultaneously only if the student has reached Middlesex’s second year of study in one of the languages. An incoming student is placed according to their level and experience in the language, based upon the student’s performance on the departmental placement evaluation.

Advancement in language courses is based on mastery of the material in a course. Any student who achieves a grade below 70 in a particular course must remain at that level and repeat the course. A department may recommend that a student repeat a level after receiving a semester grade between 70 and 75. Note that a specific course may be repeated only once. Any student taking a repeat course who fails to make satisfactory progress in the repeat course will be recommended to take a summer school course. It is also possible for a student to advance to a higher section if, according to the judgment of the department, the student is capable of handling the more advanced work.