Working Together

The Middlesex Mindfulness Program is committed to supporting other schools in integrating mindfulness programs into their school communities.  The program hopes to be a resource for publishing research, hosting conferences, and making details about the Middlesex program freely available.

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We have created a document titled “The Mindfulness Program at the Middlesex School: Evolution and Structure” describing the history and current structure of our program in the hope that it may be helpful to you in growing or developing a mindfulness program. The original document was updated in 2018.

The document is freely available for download HERE


Social Validity Assessment of Mindfulness Education and Practices Among High School Students” – Luiselli, Worthen, & Carbonell, Journal of Applied School Psychology

New England Lacrosse Journal “Chasing the Goal” Podcast with Jack Piatelli and Mike Zhe
RhinoMind Coaching by Todd Iarussi / August 2018 
Title: Mindfulness in Leadership, Education, Sports, and Cancer Recovery with Doug Worthen

Member Voices by NAIS / June 2018
Title: Doug Worthen, Director of Mindfulness, Middlesex School

Mindful Matters with Chris Griffin (MX ’95) / December 2017

Mindfulness Teacher Training
Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) offers a year-long certification program in teaching Mindfulness. Doug Worthen is one of the teachers and some of the training and retreats will be held at Middlesex. See this website for more details on the next teacher training.

Mindfulness Retreats
See Inward Bound Mindfulness Education for a list of upcoming teen/young adult mindfulness retreats. For a list of recommended adult mindfulness retreats please email Doug Worthen at [email protected].

WholeSchool Mindfulness
WholeSchool Mindfulness is a non-profit that was created to help all types of schools hire experienced mindfulness teachers (aka Mindfulness Directors) to support their school communities (students, faculty, staff, and parents) in mindfulness practice. The organization was inspired by the Middlesex Mindfulness Program model and founded by Doug Worthen (MX ’96), Ben Painter (MX ’14), and Marc Waxman. If you are interested in being a partner school, a mindfulness director, or supporting the organization in other ways see the WholeSchool contact us website.

Other Resources
Check out the Mindfulness Resources Page of our own Warburg Library.

Upcoming Mindfulness Events