From the Head of School, David J. Beare

I’d like to introduce you to Middlesex.

Our 350-acre campus is set in Concord, Massachusetts, just 25 minutes to the northwest of Boston and its great universities. Margaret Fuller, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, innovating thinkers all, walked our town’s country lanes and lived deliberately by its ponds. From its very beginnings, Concord has nurtured some of the nation’s greatest scientists, writers, and creative contrarians. Novelist Henry James once called it “the biggest little place in America.”

Driving onto the Middlesex Circle for the first time, you immediately get a sense of what we are all about as a school. There is a pastoral grace to the campus, designed by the Olmsted Brothers, and you’ll notice a remarkable integrity of architecture. This is a serious learning community, dedicated to excellence in its many forms. Middlesex, though, is not at all a stuffy place. The buildings do not overwhelm. There is space to think, to play, and to explore. The School is stunning in its balance and human scale.

The town and campus are an inspiring setting, to be sure. But it is in your first conversation with a member of the Middlesex community where you will begin to understand that ours is a school like no other.

I am quite sure that every conversation you have with teachers, students, parents, and staff will reflect a deep and shared love of the School and the quality of the relationships forged here. This is unusual, and unusually welcoming.

You’ll find in your conversation that excellence is a collective endeavor at Middlesex. All are known and needed here. This is not just a catchphrase for us: It is felt deeply by everyone who learns, competes, lives, and works at the School. There is a sense of belonging that runs through this place that frees people up to try new things and to engage challenges, rather than be intimidated by them. To speak, as we do, of every member of the community as known and necessary to the vitality of Middlesex is to recognize that we grow in excellence and goodness together. In an increasingly splintered world, the energy and unity of our school community is striking and precious.

The inclusive and welcoming nature of the place has something to do with our founding back in 1901. We have been proudly nonsectarian and—like our neighbors in Concord—forward-thinking from the start. Our students come from across the United States, from many foreign countries, and from many backgrounds. It is OK to be who you are at Middlesex, and that fact inspires people to discover and embrace their better selves, whether that is in the classroom, the dorms, the athletic venues, the rehearsal rooms, the art studios, the science labs, or on the Circle on a sunny spring day. Most often at Middlesex, it is all of the above.

Middlesex is an optimistic place. We see students, and the world at large, as full of promise. It is a school of expanding horizons and a tight-knit community that emphasizes the development of character that joins the life of the mind and body with a care-taking spirit. There is a creative freshness to what we do, and we are continually renewed with the arrival of new students and new families.

It is a school and community that inspire me, indeed. Come see.

—David J. Beare
Head of School

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